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Mighty Valley

Mighty Valley Coffee is a Smiths Falls based premium coffee provider. Start your daily grind with Mighty Valley!

From the Mighty Valley Coffee website: 

We are Jarryd and Josie— owners of Mighty Valley Coffee in Smiths Falls, Ontario! We have a passion for roasting high-quality single origin coffee in small batches with the goal of spreading delight in everyday coffee rituals across this beautiful valley and beyond.

We take a technical and artisanal approach to our craft to ensure that we produce the freshest and best possible coffee for our customers and community. By combining lighter roasts and smaller batch sizes with ethically sourced and direct-traded coffee beans, we create a product that is complex in taste, rich in antioxidants, and naturally sweet. 

After 13 years of working as tree planters in Northern Canada, living in Asia and South America, and pursuing our respective studies—a BA in Yoga Philosophy (Jarryd) and a dual PhD in Geography and International Development Studies (Josie), we are excited to have chosen Jarryd’s hometown of Smiths Falls to make our home and business.

We love Smiths Falls and are happy to be part of this vibrant community of folks and businesses!